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STM32F4 Discovery / MP3 / Libmad / SDCard / USB-ouput / ChibiOS 2.6.1

11/08/2013 Posted by admin

Just an update for ChibiOS 2.6.1 of the code I have to run Libmad on the STM32F4 Discovery board.



MP3 Audio Decoder on STM32F4 Discovery (update)

03/15/2012 Posted by admin

I have made small updates to the code :

- Using -Os instead of -O3 gives much better performance (load is <20%)
- Used 'ssat' instruction for clipping output instead of the basic 'minimad.c' code example.

New code/Binary is here .

MP3 in : lg 879457
Decoding return 0
Timing Max. 518 19.82 %
Timing Min. 437 16.72 %
Timing Moy. 466 17.83 %

MP3 Audio Decoder on STM32F4 Discovery

03/07/2012 Posted by admin

The ST Firmware for STM32F4 Discovery includes a simple Audio demo that
demonstrates a Wave player (directory Project/Audio_playback_and_record).

From that project, I derived an Audio_playback_MP3 that plays an embedded MP3
stream (the same audio as in the ST example), but the audio is now around 55 seconds
instead of the original 5 seconds.

The MP3 decoder lib used is the libmad v. 0.15.1 .
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