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Add a console to Cisco Small Business SLM2008

02/27/2013 Posted by admin

I recently opened a SLM2008 and noticed the unpopulated header with two signal lines : looked like a RS232 header.

Browsing the web (Maxim Integrated’s website) , I found a device that could be used for the unpopulated U11 : Max3243 (exact part could be another one, as I am not sure for pins 21/22 & 23, but I only really care about the TX/RX pins). On this part, there is a RS232-to-TTL between pins 6&17 and opposite TTL-to-RS232 between 13&10.

I quickly added wires on those pins :


And the ‘bus pirate’ on the header.

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The weakest link in a Dell PE180AS KVM

02/27/2013 Posted by admin

This one is a bit outdated (March 2009), but I have found these photos back.

At the time, I had a problem with a Dell KVM that was no more working (no/bad video output, no more control over the KVM from the keyboard, etc…), and after asking the support about how much it would cost to have it fixed (which was the equivalent of buying a new one !), I decided to open it and try to fix it myself.




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Opening my old WRT54GCv3

04/19/2012 Posted by admin

It was no more used, thus it was time to open it…

Jumper JP2, 1->RX, 2->3.3v, 3->TX, 4->GND

JP1 may be a JTAG connector (12 pins).

The device has a BCM5354, 2MB Flash (serial), 8MB SDRAM.
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What is (was) inside my KH980 cell charger

11/21/2011 Posted by admin

Well since I bought a new charger, it was time to open my old KH980 (Tronic),
and see what was inside…

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