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Adding USB to my TL-WR841N (v7.2)

07/18/2012 Posted by admin

This could be a pretty cheap way to get :
- Wireless & Wired network
- CPU performance
- USB 2.0
- I/Os (? still to be tested)

I found that WR841N for 23 euros…

Hack to add USB was found here : DD-WRT Forum
(Adding the serial connector is not even worth mentioning – too easy)
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What is (was) inside my KH980 cell charger

11/21/2011 Posted by admin

Well since I bought a new charger, it was time to open my old KH980 (Tronic),
and see what was inside…

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Experiments with my(low-cost) weather station

07/02/2004 Posted by admin

Updated on July 2, 2004

Brand name : ATECH, model WS303

Remote module : 2 * model WS303.

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